Dr. Hansel Ritter

Dr. Hansel Ritter owns an herbalist shop in Mordentshire, which a young Kerri Storer frequented to bring harder to find herbs back to her grandparents' shop near Blackburn's Crossing. He is a kindly fellow who was one of the only sources Ludovic found for his exotic spellbook ink.

However, it was recently discovered that Dr. Ritter is none other than famed monster hunter and scholar, Dr. Rudolph Van Richten. When he found that Kerri had left home and had joined up with Duffy, Ludovic, and Leif, he became quite concerned for her welfare. He has seen firsthand the peril that an adventrous life can bring, but she has thus far ignored his advice to return to her simple herbalist's life.

Dr. Van Richten has recieved some new information on the location of the Child Vampire, and was putting together a group in Vallaki to confront the creature. But with the death of his student Davvyd, he has gone back to Mordentshire to look for another willing priest to accompany him, in the company of Jerrard of the Closed Fist. He has left another companion, Samuel, with Kerri and her companions, both to look after her, and to report back to him on their capabilities.