Andres Duvall

Andres Duvall is somewhat of an mystery. A free-spirited bard from Darkon, he became involved with a group called The Immortals, who sent him on a mission to Kartakass to find all he could about a magical artifact linked to the House of Daegon. In return The Immortals promised him eternal life, like that of the elves he befriended in his youth. Failing to find the artifact, he swore off the group and intended to settle down somewhere to raise a family, possibly in Mordent.

When Kerri, Leif, Samuel, Duffy, and Ludovic were "brought to the past" by Juste's theatre, they met Andres and found several similarities between him and Kerri's father, Albert. From what her grandparents told her, Albert led a wandering lifestyle before settling down in Blackburn's Crossing, until a group of foreign men with some sort of grudge tracked him down and killed him. But the most important clue was Andres's whip, the same Elvish Whipvine that Kerri inherited from her father, down to the scratches on the handle. Of course, everything Juste showed them is suspect, but thus far, no evidence to the contrary has been found. Recently, a magical harp with the inscription "For Andres" was found in the lair of the creature known as Severed Hand, leading Kerri to believe that Andres was involved in even more sinister dealings.

The picture used to represent young Andres is Very Happy-go-lucky Bezinlathe, by Timothy E. Hibbetts.

The picture used to represent undead Andres is from Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium, vol II
When brought to Castle Avernus, the party learned that Andres was not dead, but undead, transformed into a lich-like creature, and in service to Azalin Rex, guading the lich-king's phylactery. Andres refused to believe that Kerri was his daughter, and they fought. Though his body was destroyed, Ludovic saw his spirit drift elsewhere in the castle, and Andres later contacted Kerri via magic, demanding the return of his unfinished score and instruments that she recovered after the battle. His current whereabouts are unknown.