Twilight's Children is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, in the Ravenloft Campaign Setting last published by Arthaus. This site was made (in Vim) primarily to keep track of what happened in each session because we don't play that often, and it's good to remember details so the DM can use them against the players when they least expect it. :)

The DM and webmaster is Ron Laufer. We started with 3rd Edition d20 rules and have migrated to Pathfinder, with a few house rules. The campaign is heavily character driven, with the emphasis on mystery, puzzles and role-playing, but not neglecting combat totally. The adventures are about 50% original and 50% published modules, but the modules have been significantly adapted so that hopefully the seams don't show much. Inspiration has also been drawn from the netbooks and message boards at www.kargatane.com and www.fraternityofshadows.com and the now defunct Ravenloft Mailing List at www.wizards.com. (Players: please refrain from following those links. :) )

The name Twilight's Children was chosen because the three starting players each coincidentally came up with a character concept that included at least one mysterious (and dead) parent or mentor. The search for the truth about these parents is the driving force of campaign and the motivation for most of what the characters have done either directly or indirectly. The previous name, Sons of Twilight had to be abandoned with the arrival of Kerri, who also had two mysterious and dead parents of her own. Sons and Daughter of Twilight didn't have the same ring to it. The campaign has also been known at various times as Ron's Unnamed Ravenloft Campaign and Journey of Orphans.

Three of the characters, Duffy, Ludovic, and Leif, met in Port-a-lucine, Dementlieu, and were soon joined in Karina, Invidia by Kerri. Those four have formed the core of the group, being joined off and on by Jerrard, Samuel, Suriana, and Gavin. Their travels have thus far led them through the lands of Dementlieu, Mordent, Borca, Falkovnia, Richmulot, Invidia, Barovia, Kartakass, Gundarak, Lamordia, Darkon, Nidala, and Odiare.

We hope other people enjoy reading about our adventures too, and perhaps find inspiration for their campaigns.