House Rules

D&D 3rd Edition

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D&D 3.5

For the most part, we used 3rd edition rules, but slowly integrated some 3.5 stuff that we liked, namely:


Two of the characters didn't quite fit in the standard classes, so we updated the 2nd edition Spiritualist from Champions of the Mist to 3e, and messed around with the 3.5e Ranger to create the Driven Hunter

I've allowed the True Innocent NPC Prestige Class from Heroes of Light as a PC Base Class, tweaking it a bit by adding the Paladin's Turn Undead (as a Cleric 2 levels lower), Remove Disease, and Divine Health abilities, and Spells (using the Spontaneous Divine Caster rules from Unearthed Arcana.) Even with all that added, it's still not much more than a glorified commoner. A far cry from a Paladin's power, with an even more restrictive moral code.

In addition, we created the Eccentric Gunsmith Prestige class.

I've also decreed that a ranger (or Driven Hunter) who chooses undead as a favored enemy has their favored enemy extra damage work as normal.


The second edition Half-Vistani Canjar ability from Domains of Dread was way cooler, and more appropriate than the one in the 3e Ravenloft Campaign Setting. So Ludovic can leave one 0th, 1st, and 2nd level spell unmemorized each day, and at the approriate time cast any spell in his spellbook. (His natural sensitivity to time lets him know what spell he would need that day.)


I really liked the little tweaks characters got based on their homelands in Domains of Dread. This is lacking in 3e, so I handed out some skill points instead: Because we didn't want to wait around while Duffy worked on his guns, we sped up crafting a little bit. Assuming a bit of time to work each night (while the others prepare spells, cook dinner, etc.) a crafter can make a check per week even while adventuring. Given time to concentrate and do nothing else, he can make 3 checks per week.

Since the Ravenloft Campaign Setting breaks out the Knowledge(Monster Lore) skills by monster type, it's very difficult to become a Van Richten-esque Monster Lore scholar. To compensate a bit, we worked out a system of synergy bonuses among the Monster Lore skills. As usual, 5 ranks in one skill gives +2 to another.

New Feats (still experimental)

Craft Scientific Arms and Armor

You are a tinkerer. You can create weapons, armor, and shields that mimic magical abilities through science.

Craft: Clockworks - 8 Ranks
Craft: (Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Bowmaking or Gunsmithing) - 8 Ranks
Alchemy - 8 Ranks

Exactly as the standard feat Craft Magic Arms and Armor, with the following exceptions:

Notes: This feat is significantly weaker than Craft Magic Arms and Armor for the following reasons: However, it is also better than CMA&A because: I think it's mostly balanced.

Craft Prototype

You are a tinkerer. You can create single use prototypes of weapons, armor, and shields that mimic magical abilities through science.

Craft: Clockworks - 4 Ranks
Craft: (Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Bowmaking or Gunsmithing) - 4 Ranks
Alchemy - 4 Ranks

Exactly as the standard feat Scribe Scroll, with the following exceptions:


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Allowable Books

I gave a blanket OK to the Core, APG, and Ultimate ___ books. Anything else would have to be cleared with me.

General Rules

18 point ability point buy. 2 traits each.



As in 3.0, we kept the 2nd edition Canjar ability to leave a few low-level spell slots open each day. For the ability bonuses, we went with Mistfinder's version, (+2 Wis, -2 Cha, +2 to ability of your choice) but with proviso that you can't choose to double up on Wis and get a +4.

Grandfathered rules

So as not to nerf anyone too hard, the following items have been kept as per the 3.0 versions that we've been using all along:


I kept the house ruled DM bonus ranks based on domain origins, though in retrospect, it would probably have been better to use Jester's domain traits. Much as it saddens me, the monster lore synergies are gone, with us having taken the plunge into 3.5/PF knowledge skills. I don't love it, but for consistency, I'll go with it.



An oracle can use Cha instead of Wis for the spell spiritual weapon. Lore Mystery spells identify and tongues are replaced with scholar's touch and detect thoughts, respectively.

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