Suriana's personal Journal:

Thursday, the nineteenth day of October 735 (day 1)
Well, I did it, I left my home at Haven today and Iím off to see what fate this world holds in store for me. Iím nervous. Gavin is traveling with me, and that helps but I wish he could talk to me. Heís right there, setting up our camp not 10 feet from me yet I feel like heís gone again.

Friday, the twentieth day of October 735 (day 2)
We were attacked by bandits on the road earlier today. Gavin held them off while I blew my horn and we escaped in the fog. Fortunately Gavin didnít have to hurt any of the men too badly. He was hurt some though, so I healed him and weíve stopped early to rest.

Monday, the twenty-third day of October 735 (day 5)
The bandits that attacked us a few days ago tried again today. I donít understand why they canít just leave us alone. They ambushed us around a bend and shot arrows at us before attacking. My horn was hit with an arrow while I was trying blow it, so we couldnít use it to escape. Gavin fought them again, and they ran away. He almost killed one, though, but I healed him and told him to leave us alone from now on. I told Gavin I was all right and I was more concerned about him, but he healed my wounds anyway before he let me help him.

I think my horn is broken now... it doesnít seem to work anymore.

We crossed over into Barovia today. This is the first time in my life Iíve left Nova Vaasa.

Saturday, the fourth day of November 735 (day 17),
Weíve stopped in the town of Berez for a couple days to rest and get more supplies. The town seems very nice, and the innkeeper is kind but he seems very sad.

Monday, the sixth day of November 735 (day 19),
Iíve become friends with Isabel, the innkeeperís daughter. She works at the inn, but when she doesnít have anything to do we talk or take walks. Isabel told me today that her father is sad because her mother is sick, and that sheís sad too, of course, but is trying to hide it to make her father less sad.

I asked why they havenít called a priest, but she said thereís only one small temple in town and the priest there couldnít help. I had her take me to see her mother, and I healed her. I just hope Isabel and her father didnít get sick.

Iíve decided that weíre going to leave Berez tomorrow morning. Iíll miss it, and especially miss Isabel, but we need to move on.

Friday, the tenth day of November 735 (day 23),
Last night we were attacked by zombies. They were even more horrible than I thought, and I was frozen by the sight and stench of them. Gavin didnít hesitate, though, and used his holy symbol to hold them off. I caused the woods to hold them until Gavin could destroy them. Itís a shame there is no other way to give them peace. I donít know why they attacked us.

Why would anyone create such monsters? The dead should be left in peace, not defiled like this.

Wednesday, the fifteenth day of November 735 (day 28),
I miss home. Even though Gavin is with me Iím terribly lonely. He not only wonít talk to me, but he doesnít give me any sign of what heís thinking. I have to make all the decisions about our journey and I donít know if Iím choosing right.

At least when we stop in a town I get to talk to people, but the rest of the time itís just the two of us. I talk to Gavin, but he never answers.

Thursday, the twenty-third day of November 735 (day 36),
We got to Port-a-Lucine today and I went to the university to return the book Brother Cornelius had borrowed. At the Library, I met a nice woman named Lady Cassilda de Casteelle who is faculty here (in fact, I found out sheís married to Lord Balfour de Casteelle whoís the president of the University!!) She invited me to dinner and she and Lord Balfour are going to let me stay for a while to study here if I want. Since I donít know what to do or where to go next Iíve decided to stay for a while. Iím hoping I can find something in the library that will tell me what Iím supposed to do.

Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of December, 735 (day 69),
Iíve been studying at the library for a month now, and I havenít been able to figure out what exactly Iím supposed to do!! I donít even know much more than I did before. There are lots of hints about a TI helping to "hold back the darkness...", whatever that means. Thereís nothing I can find on how thatís supposed to happen or how to know if thatís me, or if it is me how to do it.

I think maybe itís time to think about moving on; the answer has to be out there somewhere I just need to go find it. I donít know where to go, though... I'll go talk to Lady Cassilda.

Friday, the twenty-ninth day of December, 735 (day 72)
Lord Balfour called me into his office and this morning and introduced me to Ludovic and his companions Leif, Kerri and Duffy. Theyíre going to let me travel with them to Darkon. Lord Balfour suggests that I see Vice-Chancellor August Montalva at the University of Il Aluk.

We booked passage on the good ship Sunset Empires. We should be in Darkon in a couple weeks.

Player comment: Starting here, Suriana decided to write her journal entries in different languages in order to practice those languages. The language each entry is in will be noted after the date. This notation, along with anything else in {} (or a box like this one) is not part of the journal itself
Saturday, the thirtieth day of December 735 (day 73), {Sylvan}
Our ship was attacked by a group of Falkovnians pretending to be castaways. During the fight most of them were killed, but we captured a few. Duffy and Ludovic were trying to get the leader to talk, but they were threatening to hurt him. I talked to him and he told me what they wanted to know so I didnít find out if they really would have hurt him or not, but I hope not. They were going to attack a village... the captain said they were going to kill everyone. When I realized he meant the children too I got sick, how could anyone be so cruel?! We decided to go and save the village.

Saturday, the sixth day of January 736 (day 80), {Draconic}
We saved the village!! We got to it a few days ago and found out that itís a place for refugees from Falkovnia to live. The villagers decided to fight to save the village and we helped.

After the fight we rescued two creatures from a locked wagon the Falkovnians brought with them. The poor things were starved half to death. We named then Edgar and Charlie and theyíre gong to live in the village now.

Thursday, the eighteenth day of January 736 (day 92), {Lamordian}
Weíre back on a ship again. After the village we went back to Port-a-Lucine and booked passage on the Industrielle (Captain Marie) to Ludendorf. Weíre going to go from there to some place in Falkovnia called Stangengrad to see Ďthe gearsí. Duffy thinks maybe his mentor Gustav Malvoni did something there.

While weíve been traveling Leif has been letting me help train Kukri. Iíve never trained anything but Mist, so itís exciting to be able to work with a wolf. Weíve been training him to Ďguardí, and I think he has it now!!

Tuesday, the twenty-third day of January 736 (day 97), {Lamordian}
Weíre leaving Ludendorf, but weíre not going to Stangengrad yet. First, weíre going to go to Mount Steimschloss to see if we can find the ďSanctuary of the Willing Sentinel ď that Gustav wrote about and talk to the monks that live there,

Thursday, the twenty-fifth of January 736 (day 99), {Lamordian}
Last night we were attacked by a big wolf (Leif said it was a winter wolf) and then by a big man-like creature. As we were fighting it Gavin shouted something to the rest of us. I couldnít believe itÖ I hadnít heard his voice in so long I thought maybe I was imagining it. I tried to get him to talk to me after the fight but he wouldnít. They told me he took a vow of silence but he spoke so I donít know what to thinkÖ I donít know why he wonít talk to me and explain.

Still Thursday, the twenty-fifth of January 736 (day 99), {Lamordian}
We arrived at the monastery tonight and weíre all exhausted. I was surprised to find out that this is another place of the Guardians like Haven. Maybe we can rest here some, and maybe I can find someone to explain to me why Gavin spoke but then refused to talk to me.

There was some talk tonight about an evil item that Vir might be after. I was so tired I couldnít really follow, but it sounds like there may be some trouble with Vir here soon. Itís a good thing weíre here to help.

Friday, the twenty-sixth day of January 736 (day 100), {Draconic}
We talked to the monks for a long time today and Duffy explained to them how Vir is dangerous and isnít a normal man. We think Vir is going to try and steal the Souldrinker, an evil magic weapon that can steal souls. The Guardians think that I can help destroy it, but they are worried that if we fail it will only be stronger. We all talked about it and Leif, Duffy, Kerri and Ludovic are going to go get the Souldrinker from the ole monastery while I stay here to prepare for the ceremony that will destroy the Souldrinker.

I gave some potions and scrolls to Kerri to help them, and I saw Gavin give them his boots and torch. I hope my friends will be OK and return safely.

Monday, the twenty-ninth day of January 736 (day 103), {Vaasi}
Itís been two days since my friends left but we donít expect them back for several more. The monks are all preparing for the ceremony but there isnít much for me to do. I think they wanted me to stay more out of concern for my safety than out of any real need for me to help prepare. This makes me worry for my friends even more.

Gavin has been spending a lot of time with Brother Juergen and Brother Tomas. Iíve found the library and am studying as much as I can. I found some books that will help me learn Falkovnian and Nidalan.

Thursday, the first day of February 736 (day 106), {Darkonese}
Over the past few days Iíve noticed that Iíve been able to do things that I wasnít able to before. The power that Iíve always felt and been able to focus has grown some and I can focus it differently than before. I donít know what I can do with it yet, but Iím going to keep practicing.

Sunday, the fifth day of February 736 (day 110), {Darkonese}
We performed the cleansing ritual last night. I remember focusing all my power on the blade as if trying to heal it. The thing was so evil; Iíve never felt anything like it before. It seemed like I was trying to fill an endless well Then that creature broke in and attacked us, throwing itís magic around the room trying to disrupt the ritual. I think some of the monks were hurt. I donít remember much else except that when the ritual was over everyone told me I did well and they put me to bed. I wish I could remember more, but today everyone is telling me I did well so the ritual must have worked.

Sunday, the eleventh day of February 736 (day 116), {Sylvan}
Weíre leaving for Stangengrad tomorrow. Weíve stayed a while at the monastery to rest up. Leif is still letting me help train Kukri and heís also teaching me to use my cudgel better. I worry about him, though, because he always tries so hard to be tough and brave and I think all he really needs sometimes is a good friend. I hope I can be that friend.

I know Iím not very strong so Iíve asked Duffy if he could teach me to use a pistol since maybe Iíd be better with that. He said that I should start with a crossbow and got one from Ludovic for me. Iím learning to load Duffyís guns though so maybe I can help him sometimes.

Kerri is teaching me about plants and herbs. Iím hoping I can learn enough to be better at healing people. Iíve never had a sister so I donít know what it feels like but I think it would feel like my friendship with Kerri.

Ludovic still makes me nervous. Everyone else gets along with him fine and he seems nice enough but I just feel that he doesnít like me very much or something. He also just feels differently to me. I canít explain it; maybe itís his magic or Taige but Iím just uncomfortable with him. It makes me sad.

Monday, the twelfth day of February 736 (day 117), {Vaasi}
We saw some man-like creatures in the woods todayÖ I think they were Zombies. They said they were the ďvoice of Azalin RexĒ and that they wanted to know about me, and that they ďmust study her more closelyĒ. Leif and Kukri stopped them from coming closer so we didnít get to find out what they wanted. Iím not sure if they were saying they were speaking for Azalin Rex or if it was actually his voice we heard. They said something about me being ďblindingly pure.Ē Iím not sure what that means. I wish we could find out more, but maybe itís better this way. Especially if it would have put my friends in danger.

Saturday, the seventeenth day of February 736 (day 122), {Falkovnian}
I canít believe what Gavin did. When he gave me the ring back at Haven and made me promise to wear it I thought nothing of it. I found out today that itís part of a spell that will let him get hurt instead of me. I couldnít believe itÖ I yelled at him and told him I was going to give the ring back but he said I promised so I couldnít. I know he wants to protect me but I canít stand to see him get hurt because of me. Iíll just have to be more careful from now on.

We went to this place called Ďthe gearsí today. I canít really explain what it is exactly, but it was an amazing place where the rooms move around and you never know where the next door will lead. The building itself seems to have some kind of intelligenceÖ I donít think itís alive but maybe itís like Vir. Duffyís mentor Gustav built a room there as a trap for Vir but it

Player comment: At this point Suriana was about to start a new page in her journal and discovered that there were indentations on it as if from the page before. Since she normally writes with a light hand Suriana looked more closely and discovered that a page was removed from her journal. She was able to rub the page with some charcoal in order to read the indentations on the page and recover the following entries, written in Vaasi. After reading them Suriana removed this page from her journal and scribed the two entries (in Sylvan) onto the very last page.

Sunday, the fourth day of February 736 (day 109), {Sylvan}
What have I done? Everyone is smiling and telling me I did so well, but they didn't see what I did. The horror of what was in that dagger, it haunts me every time I close my eyes. I had no idea such evil could exist, such alien uncaring, so inhuman. The Mists filled that cursed weapon, and I forced them out, through me. In doing so, I caught a glimpse of their true nature. Oh, the terror of that nature... It drives me to weep. The Mists are no mere fog, they live, they watch, they twist, they reward, they punish, they create, they destroy. Is the world truly real? Or just a lie spun from mist? I do not know for certain anymore. I feel things I never have before. True fear... and doubt. They have left their mark on me.

Monday, the fifth day of February 736 (day 110), {Sylvan}
I tried to rest, as they told me to, but there was a scratching sound under the bed. I looked and saw a mouse, it's leg broken, perhaps by cat or some other creature. I tried to heal it, but I ... couldn't. That place inside me is empty, though I have slept and the power should be there. What have I done? I set the mouse out in the hall where I cannot hear it. It is nearly morning. Soon everyone will awake. What will I tell them? What am I without my destiny? Is this all there is? A knock at the door... it is Brother Tomas. I will open it and face him, though for the first time in my life, I know not what to say.

Player comment: These entries literally sent chills down my spine. The bit about putting the mouse in the hall is just creepy. Plus, Iíve spent a lot of time trying to develop Surianaís character so I could totally empathize with the sense of loss and hopelessness these entries reveal.
I just discovered that there was a page removed from my journal with such care that I didnít notice before. I think it was me. What was written on that page is disturbingÖ the ritual to cleanse the Souldrinker didnít go as well as I had thought. Iím worried there might be something wrong with me. Why would I write what I did, do what I did? Just thinking about it now makes me sick.

Itís too dangerous for me to stay with my friends now. I donít know what is wrong with me and I donít want to hurt them. I fear that I will cause them harm if I return to Darkon with them. In the morning Gavin and I will leave to return to Haven. I only hope I can find them again before they leave for NidalaÖ I fear the trip may be difficult for Leif and I want to be there for him. At least I can leave him something to help with learning Nidalan.

Sunday, the eighteenth day of February 736 (day 123), {Balok}
I changed my mind about going back to Haven. There are no answers there Ė of that Iím sure. I considered going back to the Willing Sentinels to speak with Brother Tomas but I donít think heís going to tell me anything he didnít already. Iíve decided to go to Il Aluk instead and see if maybe I can find some answers there.

Monday, the nineteenth day of February 736 (day 124), {Draconic}
I need to warn my friends of the danger of the mists, especially Leif and Ludovic. I worry about Leif traveling to Nidala through the mists, and about how Ludovicís Vistani blood might tie him to the mists.

I feel as if I am deceiving my friends but I cannot have them know that I have changed my mind. Itís too dangerous for me to be around them until I learn more about what happened to me. Iíve written some coded letters to them and Iím going to hire a messenger to find them and deliver my letters. Iím going to take my time getting to Il Aluk to make sure I donít accidentally run across them myself.

Friday, the twenty-third day of February 736 (day 128), {Nidalan}
I arrived at Il Aluk today. As Lord Balfour suggested, I met with Vice-Chancellor August Montalva. Heís agreed to allow me to stay and study here and has arranged for quarters for us at the university. Now itís time to start finding answers to some questions:

  1. Why was Azalin so interested in me and what danger does this put my friends into? I have a feeling this is related to the prophesies of a TI, but I need to learn more. I remember Brother Juergen said that if the ritual to cleanse the souldrinker failed it could become stronger - I wonder if thatís related to Azalinís interest.
  2. The mistsÖ I have so many questions to answer here that I canít even list them all. Are the mists alive? Intelligent? If so, what do they want? Most importantly is it safe for my friends to travel through the mists to reach Nidala?
  3. What are the Fir, and what did the Fir in the gears mean when he said I was one of them? Am I like him and the green lady? If so, how? Are my parents not really my parents? Are the powers the green lady helped me discover because of that?

Wednesday, the seventh day of March 736 (day140) {Vaasi}
Iíve been here for almost 2 weeks now, reading everything I can get my hands onto. Iíve come to realize that the task Iíve set for myself is enormous. Even if the information I am looking for was readily available it would take years to comprehend Ė but the information isnít available, itís hidden in bits and pieces that are often cryptic and conflicting. I need to find a way to get help with finding the answers I seek, but I donít know how. I havenít exhausted the answers to be found here, but I am convinced that I will need to seek many of the answers elsewhere. Iím beginning to despair that I will fail in my search.

Saturday, the tenth day of March 736 (day 143), {Mordentish}
I had a dream last night about my friends, and it gave me an idea. Duffy introduced himself as ďDr. Carpatello of the University of the MistsĒ, and it made me think Ė why not start the University of the Mists, specializing in information about the nature of the mists and other mysteries of our world. Since these answers arenít here in Il Aluk or at Port-a-lucine weíre going to need to travel to find this information.

I am going to talk to Prof. Fyrehaaven, of the Meteorology department and see if heíll sponsor me in a project to create the ďUniversity of the MistsĒ. Since the information I seek is scattered, the University of the Mists will need to be too. Iím picturing a number of locations for the University with scholars at each, collecting and interpreting.

Thursday, the fifteenth day of March 736 (day 148), {Lamordian}
Iíve been busy the last few days. Prof. Fyrehaaven has agreed to sponsor my project, and I have been collecting volunteers from interested scholars. Already weíve made more progress working together in the library here that I did on my own.

Gavin refuses to help in this project and has taken to disappearing for days at a time in the surrounding countryside. I asked him what heís been doing. I didnít really expect him to answer but he did Ė he said ďthinkingĒ.

Saturday, the seventh day of April 736 (day 171), {Falkovnian}
The formation of the University of the Mists is proceeding well, and I find myself becoming restless. Iím going to take one or two of the others with me (and Gavin of course) and travel to the Shadow Rift. The Fir from the gears said his kind live there, and Iíve heard itís full of mist so I hope I can find some information, if not some answers, there.

Player comment: The account of Surianaís trip to the Shadow Rift and visit to the Fey can be read as sent to me by our DM Ron here. Suriana did not include an account of this visit in her journal. Why? It was such a wonderful event that she didnít need to record it here for her to remember it and didnít feel she could do the memory justice on paper. (or maybe I was just too lazyÖ) She did, however, make sure to record (in a separate book which she could share with the others) what she had learned for the University of the Mists.

Friday, the twentieth day of April 736 (day 184), {Darkonese}
We left the Shadow Rift today and are heading back to Il Aluk. Iím glad we made this journey Ė I learned more about the Arak, known to us as the Fey, from Saenliss and made some new friends. When I think about all Iíve learned since I left Haven I realize the flaw in my plan for the University of the Mists. Even with locations scattered throughout the lands there is no way to have the information come to us Ė weíre going to have to go out and get it. Iíve spoken with the others about this and we talked about everyone going and seeking knowledge to bring back to the University. Iím concerned over the dangers involved, but it seems like this idea would work. Thereís something else about it that bothers me though Ė I just canít figure out what it is.

Tuesday, the first day of May 736 (day 195), {Draconic}
I think I finally figured out why the plan of scattering out to find knowledge doesnít seem right to me. Besides the dangers everyone would face Iíve come to realize that often the knowledge we seek can only be found when armed with other knowledge. It seems like an impossible situation Ė the only place to find the information we seek is out in the world but in order to find it we need the information that is here at the University.

I expressed my despair over this situation to Nathan, and he just looked at me for a bit and then said ďwell, why donít we take the knowledge we have with usĒ Ė and thatís what weíre going to do. Weíre going to purchase a sturdy wagon in which we can transport copies of the texts we have accumulated and set out to find more. We will travel as a group to reduce the dangers and to allow us to benefit from the knowledge we each have. Weíll start with one such ďtraveling libraryĒ but I hope to someday have several scouring the lands!

Monday, the Seventh day of May 736 (day 201), {Sylvan}
An Arak Ė a Portune named Turi Ė came to visit me today. He said that Saenliss asked him to research my ancestry and that he spent over a year tirelessly poring through the records at the Malachite Palace to puzzle it out. I asked him how he spent a year researching this when I met met Saenliss less than three weeks ago and he said that time moves very slowly out here in the mortal lands. What seems like a fortnight here is really a full year back in the Rift, which is all the more reason to let him finish without further interruption so he can get back before he misses anything important! He seemed impatient so I didnít press him any further, but Iíll have to investigate this some more.

Turi told me that my great-grandmother Edina was the daughter of a mortal mother and the Alven known as Jaen, son of Tama, daughter of Aen (and Gwilith of Esmirth, the Portune), daughter of Irianpor, Keeper of the Royal Garden of the Seelie Court. He said I am by rights a viscountess of the Alven, and may bear the crown that Tama left behind when she disappeared in the Darkenheights. He gave me a small crown which I now wear on my finger.

Player comment: A couple days after writing the above entry, the curse of Darkon catches up with her and she assumes an alternate personality. The drive for knowledge in her is so strong, though, that this alternate personality continues work on the University of the Mists. This persona doesnít keep a journal, so there are no entries for this time. Unfortunately the sudden recovery of her original memories some weeks later does not go so well for Suriana Ė she becomes incredibly paranoid.

Gavin, out on one of his excursions, is also affected around this time. This personality is also a protector Ė a bodyguard working in Il Aluk. During this time Gavin forgets that he was ever a cleric of the Morninglord and once again focuses on the martial pursuits he had abandoned long ago. He takes up a wolf fighting style Ė perhaps due to his former connection to Kukri. When Gavin recovers his memories he find that he has retained the new abilities he learned while living his other life and is faced with deciding his future focus Ė to return once more to the life of a cleric or to continue to improve his martial skills. He finally decides that although the call of the Morninglord is still strong within him, his duty as a guardian can best be met by sharpening his skill at combat.

Sunday, the twenty-ninth day of July 736 (day 284), {Sylvan}
I donít know what happened to me but Iím terrified. Iíve been living a false life for almost three months, and just recalled who I truly am. I donít know who or what has done this to me, and I am afraid to find out. Also, it seems Gavin Ė the one person I feel I can still trust Ė has abandoned me. I have to decide what to do now that Iím all alone.

I canít believe I ever trusted those people and called them my friendsÖ they just used me and when I left them they cursed me to make me forget. I wonder what they are a part of?

Gavin returns to the University and seeks out Suriana. Although she trusts him, he sees that she is not herself and is faced with a difficult decision Ė does he interfere and help her or leave it to her to deal with the situation. Heís sworn not to interfere in the decision she makes on her journey and to get involved only to protect her from violence; would helping her now be counter to his oath. Gavin finally resolves to help her. Whether this is the right decision he leaves for his superiors in the Guardians to decide later.

Gavin came back and said the same thing that happened to me happened to him tooÖ apparently torturing me wasnít enough and they had to harm him too. Gavin convinced me to see if the University chaplain Sentinel Ravan can help. Iím afraid heís going to just try and make me forget again, but Gavin says I have to trust him

So we went to see Sentinel Ravan today and he did something that made me feel a little better Ė he said I need to come back again tomorrow. Iím not afraid anymore, though - I know theyíre still out there plotting against me but I know I can handle anything I need to.

Monday, the thirtieth day of July 736 (day 285), {Sylvan}
We saw Sentinel Ravan again today Ė and it was bad. He tried to make me forget again. I told Gavin that I wonít let him try anymore. We argued about it for a while and I finally decided that maybe Ludovic can help me. I also want to warn him and Duffy Ė and see if I can help Kukri too. I told Gavin weíll leave tomorrow to go find them but that he has to keep a close eye on Kerri and Leif - especially Leif. He said that Kerri and Leif are my friends but I know better Ė they were just pretending to be friends of ours to keep us close.

Weíre going to take some of the other with us when we leave. I donít trust them all but itís more important than ever to get out and start gathering information. Iíll just have to double-check everything in case any of the others are part if this.

I hope Duffy and Ludovic are OK.

Wednesday, the first day of August 736 (day 287), {Vaasi}
A lot has happened in the past two days. I was attacked in my room Monday night by two men dressed like Vistani but in muted colors. Gavin and I fought the men and then I decided to leave Il Aluk right away. Last night we were re-united with our friends, but I treated Leif and Kerri horribly. I said awful things about them to Duffy and Ludovic; I hope they can forgive me. Ludovic was able to help me, though, so I feel normal again and am eager to move ahead.

I told Ludovic about the mist claimer that I spoke to and he said this isnít the first time it has appeared. Iím going to have to find out more about them to help make sure Ludovic isnít in danger, and to figure out how to protect the rest of us when we travel through the mists to Nidala

My friends told me about what happened to them since we parted. Weíre on our way towards Neblus now to get rid of this skull at the misty border.

Friday, the third day August 736 (day 289), {Falkovnian}
Weíve spent the last two days running and fighting our way towards the misty border just to find out that we are playing into Azalinís hands all along Ė if we were to take the skull across the border it could free Azalin to do unspeakable things. Weíve sent the skull downriver in a leaky barrel and have taken shelter in a barn for the night. We know weíre going to be attacked tonight, so weíve prepared the best we can and are keeping a careful watch.

Saturday, the fourth day of August 736 (day 290), {Nidalan}
We made it to Neblus. We havenít seen much of the city yet and Iím too tired from being up all night to write more tonight anyway, but the people here seemed obsessed with the dead.