Suriana Hestmand

Suriana appears to be no more than a lovely red-headed girl of fourteen years. To the Order of the Guardians, she represents the hope of several prophecies, the True Innocent, untouched by the horrors of the world. Those who interact with her find themselves comforted by her words, and impressed with her knowledge and innate confidence beyond her years. In times of need, she can draw on the primal force of good within her, performing miracles that herald her greater powers yet to emerge. As a child, she was approached by a mysterious Green Lady in the woods, who seemed to know her and treated her with kindness, gifting her an acorn, which she said would help focus Surianna's inner strength for the trials to come. Just before she embarked on her journey, she found a tree branch in the shape of a cudgel, presumably left for her by the Green Lady.

Born in southern Nova Vaasa and raised at the secret Guardian monastery known as Haven, she now travels the world, accompanied by her bodyguard, Gavin, searching for clues about her Destiny, and the role she will play in battle against evil, if she is indeed the One That Was Foretold.

(Feyborn True Innocent/Cloistered Cleric of Healing and Purification/Fey Friend, played by Joe)

Weapon of Choice:
Masterwork Cudgel, a beautiful twisted tree branch, gifted to her by the mysterious Green Lady
Character Background (Player written)

In-Character Journal (Player written)

Gavin Hestmand

Gavin is a member of the Order of the Guardians, with an unusual assignment. Rather than protecting a powerful magic item, like most of his Order, he is sworn to protect the True Innocent foretold in prophecy, his sister Suriana. Yet his task is not so different than other Guardians; the True Innocent would be as dangerous as the world's most cursed artifact if she fell into the hands of evil. His oath not to interfere in her choosing of her Destiny requires him to remain aloof and often silent. Any guidance from him could influence her Path in unforeseen ways, so he must dedicate himself only to her physical protection. At one point in his studies, he left Haven for a number of years, on a journey of self-discovery. While he was gone he learned of the Morninglord's message of hope, salvation, and protection of the weak. As his sister's bodyguard, he heeds the call of that message.

(Human Monk/Fighter/Cleric of the Morninglord/Wolf Shen, Cohort)

Weapon of Choice:
His fists