Merdufoni Carpatello

Merduff a.k.a. Duffy a.k.a. Merdufoni Carpatello a.k.a. Lord Carpatello a.k.a. Dr. Carpatello a.k.a Art Vandelay is a Clockmaker's Apprentice from Borca in search of clues to his dead master's secrets. His impulsive swashbuckling nature has gotten him and his friends both into and out of trouble multiple times along the way. He has taken to calling himself "Dr. Carpatello" of the "University of the Mists," though he holds no such qualifications.

He has a habit of retrieving fangs from the monsters he's had a hand in slaying, building up quite a collection in the excitement of the past year or so. His clockwork creations have become increasingly complex, rivaling the power of magic with scientific theories as yet unheard of by any but the maddest of mad scientists. Having puzzled out most of Malvoni's secret life, he is now driven by another long term goal: rebuilding his mentor's greatest creation, Vir Stannum, the Clockwork Man. Duffy is confident that with the proper care and innovation, he can turn the wrathful and amoral construct into a good and caring person. What could go wrong?

(Fighter/Rogue/Expert(Gunsmith)/Eccentric Gunsmith played by John)

Weapons of Choice:
Pistols, one inherited from Gustav and several handmade.
Handmade musket
Ezra's Mercy (see right), a Rongeise steel rapier bound with the Shadowleech Knot, the magical hilt-wrapping of Alanna Shadowborn.

Character Background (Player written)

Pre-game info sheet (DM written)

Duffy's Dream from Session 2