Ludovic is a Half-Vistani (shh! don't tell anyone!) Spiritualist, wandering the Lands of the Mists in search of Ghosts to set to rest. Exposure in the womb to the spirits channelled by his mother, Madame Natasha the medium, gifted him with the powers and curses of Ghostsight and Ethereal Empathy. In the prison of Karina, he discovered a new power and curse, becoming Haunted by the surly and heartless spirit of Manfred Taige, a werewolf and former steward to assassinated Invidian ruler, Baron Bakholis. In addition, he is gifted with visions and Portents, and the Whisper of a Thousand Voices that drove his mother insane.

Having solved the puzzle of his mother's death, he can now fully devote himself to his calling, and plans to seek out the Stygians, a group rumored to have a similar calling. In an attempt to improve his access to magic, he has also recently become a traveling researcher for the University of Port-a-lucine. But dabbling in the spirit world may yet exact a price from Ludovic, as it led his mother to both insanity and death.

(Spiritualist Necromancer/Stygian Attendant played by Saj)

Weapons of Choice:
Spells, especially Chill Touch, Moonblade, and Polymorph Self
Masterwork Crossbow

Olorin's magic Kukri (see right) inherited from Kerri, who inherited it from Leif, for emergencies.

Character Background (Player written)

Pre-game info sheet (DM written)

Ludovic's Dream from Session 2