Leif Shadowlands

Leif Shadowlands (a.k.a. Monsieur Venraloft a.k.a. Nikko Warrenani) is a Ranger raised in Barovia, searching for clues about his mother's mysterious former life in Nidala, while doing good and protecting the weak.

Leif is never one to back down from a fight, especially when children or other innocents are in danger. His adolescence in the mines of Krezk gave him great strength, and his mother's teachings gave him a selfless spirit and compassion for the innocent. He thinks nothing of endangering his own life for others, and never seeks repayment for such deeds beyond the satisfaction of helping people. He trusts in his body's capacity to withstand injury, and rarely asks for healing, though he usually accepts when it is offered, if everyone else has already been seen to.

In Invidia, Leif took pity on a wounded wolf, and befriended him, naming him Kukri. (see right) Since then, Leif and Kukri have been inseperable, the loyal wolf becoming his one constant in an ever unpredictable world. He has become more jaded and distrusting of late, as a result of several recent betrayals by nearly everyone he trusted (with the notable exceptions of Kukri, Kerri, Duffy, Ludovic, Suriana, Jerrard and Samuel). This has made it difficult for him to believe the words of Gondegal who thinks he would make an excellent Knight of the Shadows. Though he has independently developed techniques similar those employed by the fabled Knights, he has thus far been too wary to actually join The Circle.

(Ranger/Knight of the Shadows played by Caroline)

Weapons of Choice:
Knightshade's Quarterstaff

Character Background (Player written)

Pre-game info sheet (DM written)

Leif's Dream from Session 2

Leif's Tarokka card reading from Session 5