Kerri Storer

Kerri Storer is a young Mordentish herbalist turned entertainer, set out from home to experience first-hand the tales she's learned in the common room of her town's inn. From a small town just outside Blackburn's Crossing, she grew up an orphan, working in her grandparents' herbalist shop.

She often went to Mordentshire to buy harder to find herbs from Dr. Ritter, but never suspected his secret life. When he saw her on a similar path, he tried to dissuade her, but since then she has proven she can take care of herself and grown into a capable monster hunter in her own right. She has also taken an interest in local history and politics in the lands she has travelled.

Recent events have shown that there may have been more to her father, Albert the wanderer, than she or her grandparents knew. Only time will tell if she will learn more of his fate.

(Bard/Expert(Herbalist) played by Ethel)

Weapons of Choice:
Her father's barbed whip, a magical Elvish Whipvine
The Mournesworth Dagger, (see right) a gift from Dr. Van Richten
Character Background (Player written)

Pre-game info sheet (DM written)